Friday, November 6, 2015

Organic Thai Garden & Thai Cooking Class. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 2015

Thai Garden & Class ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Hey guys, what are you cooking today?

Before cooking today, we want to pick some ingredients in organic farm.

and the first one, we need a lemon grass for making soup such as chicken in coconut milk soup, hot and sour prow soup.

Hey, what are you doing  ? 

He pick some lemon grass for chicken  in coconut milk soup.

How to cut lemon grass?? 

 Selecting  big branch, if u dunno the big size of lemon grass. You choose a lemon grass that have a size as your index finger.  And then cut near the root and cut the leaves out.

Are you join us to pick some mint ?

We pick mints for making some appetizer dishes such as fresh spring roll with spicy green souse.
    It's easier to make a fresh spring roll with spicy green souse.  

How to make fresh spring roll >>> Click link 

Do you like Basil ?

This is a sweet bail or Thai basil. We called ho-ra-pha in Thai. It use the leaves for soup and curry.
How to pick a basil ?  We pick the leaves or the top of basil and sometimes we pick a branch or stem about  that away from the top.

Presenting egg plant  by Taiwan Model [ LoL ] 

Apple egg plants use for cooking almost all the curry except yellow curry. In yellow curry, we don't add a apple egg plants becuz  it resemble Indian curry.  what we replace that [what you replace that?]
what you put something instead?

Come to join our class!

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