Saturday, August 10, 2013

Photo & Video Contest

Hello Class

As you all know May, and I love taking lots of photos and videos during class, we do our best to post each day to our Face book page and website.  

Now that we have so many we thought it would be fun to have a Photo and Video contest: the winner will be determined by your votes. We were thinking that we could make the prize something that you could gift to some of your friends, a half price class for two people? Or even making a highly discounted package prize, Guest house – cooking class – trekking??? What do you think would be an appropriate prize?
Follow the link to our websites photo & Video page and scroll down to find your day; or any day you like and post the link to our Page as your vote.  The month of June and July will be up loaded this week but most of the photos can be found on Facebook. * If you can’t find your photos, please ask….We have everything!
As you can tell this contest is a work in progress, and are looking forward to seeing what happens!Your crowdsourcing is greatly appreciated!
Best of luck!
May & Jason           Photos & Video

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