Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mhee Clook - หมี่คลุก - Mhee Pan Lap Lae

What I made here today is called Mhee Clook.
Rice vermicelli noodle mixed with fried garlic, soy sauce, coriander and chicken bouillon. You may also add chili power, sugar, lime juice, fish sauce. This is a salty, spicy, sour dish that is a good meal for lunch time.
Another variation is: Mhee Pan Lap Lae a local food, not only eating as a meal but also can be as appetizer.Mhee Pan is Rice vermicelli noodle (Mhee clook) wrapped with rice pastry, the pastry is clear and when wet slightly sticky, and has a good chew, the roll looks like a fresh spring roll.