Friday, December 14, 2012

Thai Secret Farm Tour 12-13-12

Our local San Sai Luang Market - a true Thai street market

Sugar Cane Caramel - Puffed Rice Crispy Treats “Life Is Good”


Thai Coconut Pudding - Khanom Krok, will put a smile on your face

Sweetened Sticky Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf, a perfect morning snack!

Our privet class with Eva begins with a stroll through the "Sam Yeak Market"

and making some new friends

Thai Secret Farm Tour - How can coriander smell so good? That’s a Secret….

Mini cucumbers!!! So cute - So crisp
How can coriander smell so good?  That’s a Secret….

The best part is she made lunch for all of us!!! Thank You Eva!

Crispy Pork Wontons & Plumb Sauce
Yellow Curry Paste
Fresh from our  garden Thai ginger “Galangal”

A tasty reward and new skill set to bring back home!

Job well done Eva!

San Sai Luang Market Tour

The “San Sai Luang Market” is one of our favorite markets, just a few minutes from the school and always entertaining.

Thai Secret Farm Tour – with Laurie 12-6-12

Picking Fresh Coriander

The making a beautiful tomato rose

Laurie - masters the skill of making curry paste

Time to eat 12-6-12