Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thai Cooking Class Menu for January 2021. Thai Happy New Year!

Thai Secret Cooking School Organic Garden

Chiang Mai Thailand

Papaya salad ~ Som Tam Thai
Thai fried spring roll ~ Po Pea Thot
Fresh & Spicy beef salad ~ Yum Nua Yang
Stir Fried Thai Dishes
 *With garden herbs & Vegetables you picked yourself
Thai Style Noodle ~ Pad Thai
Chicken with ginger ~ Gai Pad Khing
Chicken with cashew nut ~ Pad Met Ma Muang
Minced chicken with holy basil ~ Pad Ka Pao
Hot & Sour Prawn soup ~ Tom Yum Gung
Chicken in coconut milk soup ~ Tom Kha Gai
Noodle Soup with Chicken ~ Guay Tiew Gai
Curry Paste
Red curry paste ~ Namprik Gaeng Ped
Yellow curry paste ~ Namprik Gaeng Ga-ri
Panaeng curry paste ~Namprik Gaeng Panaeng
Green curry paste ~ Namprik Gaeng Kheaw Whan
Thai Curry
 ​Learn Two Thai Words: Chicken = Gai / Pork = Moo
Green curry with chicken ~ Gaeng Kheaw Whan Gai
Red, chicken or pork ~ Gaeng Ped with Gai or Moo
Yellow, chicken or pork ~ Gaeng Ga-ri, Gai or Moo
Panang, chicken or pork ~ Gaeng Phanaeng Gai or Moo
Deep Fried Banana ~ Gluey Thod
Banana in coconut milk ~ Gluey Bhuad Chee
Pumpkin in Coconut Milk ~ Fuk Tong Gang Buad
Sweet sticky rice with mango ~ Khao Nuaw Ma Muang

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