Sunday, October 29, 2023

A Taste of Thai Street Food; before we cook.

Thai Secret Cooking Class in Chiang Mai Thailand
Local farmers market tour and Thai street food tasting

I had a blast today with my Thai Secret Cooking Class students! We explored the amazing world of Thai street food and learned about the rich culture of Chiang Mai, the northern city where I live and love. Thai street food is not just delicious, but also a way of life for many people here. It reflects the diversity, creativity and generosity of Thai people. We visited some of the best stalls and markets in town, where we sampled local specialties like khao soi, sai oua, som tam and mango sticky rice. We also learned how to make some of these dishes ourselves, using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. My students were so enthusiastic and curious, and I enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge with them. It was an authentic Thai experience that 
I hope they will remember for a long time!


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